Reborn in Kumano: Refreshing body, mind and soul

A scenic landscape, healing hot springs, ancient spiritual traditions and an air of mystery-this is Kumano, a hidden gem buried deep in the mountains of the Kii Peninsula in the southern part of Wakayama Prefecture.

Godai, the five elements, act like a frame that captures the essence of Kumano, a place steeped in the ancient tradition of nature worship. Soaking up the atmosphere of earth, water, fire, air and heaven in Kumano’s magnificent nature and spiritual surroundings will stimulate your senses. And maybe yomigaeri-being re-born in this very lifetime, the ultimate goal of undertaking the hardship of a Kumano pilgrimage-is within reach.

This article was published in Metropolis magazine in January 2015.

On sacred soil. Water perspectives. Hot happenings. Healing in the air. Heavenly bliss. Food for walk…

Read the full article here:


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