Kii Monogatari is the story of the Kii Peninsula, and my story living, training and guiding here for over 10 years now.

A healing hub on the Kii Peninsula.

The Kii Peninsula is an ideal place for a journey in the realms of nature & spirit with its abundance of forest, mountains, rivers, waterfalls, a long coastline and many temples and shrines and places and spots that have been considered sacred since ancient times. This is where the elements (earth, water, fire, wind) are palatable. This is where the mind can relax for a while and let the soul find a way home.

The three sacred sites on this peninsula – Koyasan, Yoshinoyama and Kumano – the pilgrimage trails that connect them and the local communities that have formed there are the focal points for my activities that cultivate nature immersions and encourage spiritual exploration.

Great potential as a retreat and a wellness destination.

The Kii Peninsula is an ideal place in Japan for a slow retreat, for an introspective pilgrimage, for a vision quest, for restorative walks, for sensuous experiences, for meditation and yoga and for creative exploration, in short, for activities that engage body, mind and soul.

“J-Wellness” is found in abundance here: mineral-rich hot springs, monastery stays, vegetarian Shojin Ryori cuisine, Japanese herbal teas, Buddhist chanting and sutra copying, incense appreciation, waterfall purification, Shinto prayers, mindfulness in nature, meditation, the sounds of the Taiko drum and of the Hora conch shell.

Where nature meets spirituality, and where wellness meets sustainability.

If this resonates with you, then why not come and share this with me. This is my passion and my vision, this is the Kii Monogatari, a project that has taken some years to conceive and I look forward to seeing it grow and unfold in the coming years.

I want to share my world with you as a travel designer and coach, travel companion and facilitator. I want to open the doors for you to discover places of beauty in nature, to access rural communities and to step into places of worship and prayer.